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Jurisdictional Supervisor

Supervisor Cheryl J. Rountree

In each State/Jurisdiction, there is a Supervisor/State Mother who is the leader of the Department of Women. This Supervisor is the liaison between the Women's Department and the Jurisdictional Bishop and General Supervisor. She must be a strong supporter of the Bishop and his vision for the work. She must also be a strong supporter of the General Supervisor, for her direction for the Women's work will come from the General Supervisor. She must be a participant in and a supporter of the Bishop's programs for the Jurisdiction. She must use her influence to encourage the women to do the same. It is appropriate that the Bishop may assign responsibilities to the Supervisor and Women's Department. When this is done, the Supervisor should carry out those duties to the best of her ability. 


The Jurisdictional Bishop recommends the Supervisor Designee to the General Supervisor. Upon his recommendation the General Supervisor receives her for orientation, instruction, and testing by the National Board of Examiners. After completion of the orientation and testing she will receive her official appointment from the General Supervisor. 


The Jurisdictional Supervisor, under the direction of her Bishop, is then empowered to:

1.  Appoint her official staff and personnel to assist her in carrying out the program for women's ministry as given to her by the Jurisdictional Bishop and General Supervisor.


2.  Examine and appoint all women eligible for credentials in her jurisdiction and obtain license and certificates of appointment from the National Department of Women office.


3.  Issue these licenses and/or certificates of appointment to women who gave met all qualifications required on the district, jurisdictional, or national level.


4.  Advise of financial obligations in support of ministry of the Department of Women on the jurisdictional and national level. She or her designee will report all finance from the auxiliaries, units, and credential women to the National Department of Women office.


5.  A full financial accounting of all income and expenditures should be submitted to the Jurisdictional Bishop.


One of the prime objectives of a Jurisdictional Supervisor is to work in harmony and agreement with the Jurisdictional Bishop and organize the department of women in the Jurisdiction. A strong, well organized, women's department is an asset to the local church, district, and jurisdiction. The Supervisor's program must be structured to help local pastors by offering training of women to implement programs in the local church that will help to build the Kingdom of God. Her work should also carry this same program into the districts. When the local and district work is strong, the National and International work will be strengthened. The Supervisor's activity in the jurisdiction must be reviewed and approved by the Jurisdictional Bishop. The Supervisor's greatest concern should be the up building of the Kingdom of God. She must visit the churches in the Jurisdiction. Her focus should be on instructing women to build ministries through prayer and evangelism. The total ministry should include credential holding as well as non-credential holding women. While the Jurisdictional Supervisor must cover the jurisdictional women's work, she must not neglect her local church. 



Source: Official Handbook For Department Of Women, Church Of God In Christ, Inc., Third Revised Edition -2002

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