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Missionary Training For Women In Ministry
Prerequisite: Saved/Born Again, filled with the Holy Spirit, evidence of speaking in tongues or seeking, evidence of the Fruit of the Spirit, Living a holy, sanctified life unto the Lord Jesus Christ, Called by the Lord God to ministry, and Approval and Recommendation for missionary training from your local pastor.
Requirements To Enter the Missionary Training Ministry
Prerequisites from above, Letter of Recommendation from your local church pastor and approval, Completed Application Form No. 225 for Ministry, and Complete Registration form from JDOW Ministry to enter the program. Send to Supervisor Rountree at JDOW Ministry.


Have your Pastor or District Missionary to Download this PDF form and fill in all the correct details!


Have your Pastor or District Missionary to bring or send your form to the following Mailing Address:

 1502 JF Kennedy Dr. Suite C, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005

email address:


Your Pastor or District Missionary will notifiy you of your acceptance to the program at JDOW MINISTRY. 

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