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Hello, I'm Supervisor Rountree


JDOW MINISTRY stands for Jurisdictional Department of Women Ministry. The Department of Women in North Dakota has been for many years serving in North Dakota Jurisdiction. The programs and requirements for women in ministry for licensure are still the same, and the requirements and standards are the same.  What has changed is the availability and access to knowledge and teaching by way of DVD, the internet, and the classroom in the local church.  In keeping up with the changing times, it was necessary to develop a more effective way to keep our department unified, trained, and connected.  Therefore through the use of modern technology, our goal is accomplished. Women in ministry and laywomen who desire to go deeper in Christ can do so through this site. This site is not for anyone seeking to be licensed in women's ministry outside the North Dakota Jurisdiction. However, if you desire to use our information, please contact us for permission. Every Jurisdiction has its procedures and processes; please check with your own jurisdiction. For those who do not seek to license but desire to learn and go deeper in Christ, we invite you to use the material as well. Please contact us for permission. 


There are several reasons why and how the JDOW Ministry DVD series and website came into existence. Because of our ongoing expansion and the growth of the Jurisdiction, determining how to meet the needs of the women in the Jurisdiction became more of a challenge. The issues we faced were many turnovers of teachers in the women's ministry because of relocation out of the Jurisdiction. We consistently repeated ourselves in laying foundational teachings and training as we traveled throughout the Jurisdiction. We experienced opposition, continuous obstacles, and schemes of the devil to discourage and keep us from going forward in Christ and building the work of women's ministry. The goal for further building and growth was exhausting and lacking many times. Nevertheless, through much prayer and fasting, the wisdom of the Lord came to us. The remodeling of how we get our information, teaching, and training dispersed to our missionaries became a reality and implemented.  

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