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The District Missionary is the first officer in the Jurisdictional Supervisor’s Cabinet and works cooperatively with the District Superintendent in the various phases of the church work with the women in the District. The District Missionary is not a figurehead but is a needed asset, working alongside the District Superintendent and is in need of the freedom to work with the women on the District level; officially represents the COGIC Women in the District, giving close attention to the women’s ministry; presides over the District’s Women’s Department, promoting interest in women’s activities in each of the local churches in the District.



  1. To assist the Jurisdictional Supervisor in the work of the Department of Women in the District she is assigned and in the Jurisdiction

  2. To assist the District Superintendent in the collection of the finances for the District, Jurisdictional and International work

  3. To act under the supervision of the Jurisdictional Supervisor and Superintendent

  4. To inform and remind the churches in her District at least two times a year of their responsibilities toward the local church, District, Jurisdictional, and International work

  5. To implement the programs and orders of the Jurisdictional Supervisor

  6. To promote all the interest of the church within the District with the cooperation of the District Superintendent and Pastors

  7. To assist the Pastor upon his request in organizing hands within the local church

  8. To teach the women in the churches to be subject and loyal to their Pastors, Bishops, and Supervisors

  9. To review the work of each Missionary in the District Meetings. At such times, an offering of appreciation shall be given for her labor and service

  10. Build the treasury in the District women’s department for the ministry of women

  11. Obligated where the Jurisdictional Supervisors care, livelihood, and welfare are


  12. Teach the doctrines of Christ and the standards of holiness as revealed in the Bible

  13. Attend District and Jurisdictional meetings as well as the Pastors Anniversaries of Pastors in the District

  14. Attend the Jurisdiction Women’s Convention and encourage the women in the District to do likewise

  15. Attend the Jurisdiction Holy Convocation and encourage the women in the District to do likewise

  16. Attend the International Women’s Convention as a Red Card Delegate and encourage the women in the District to do likewise

  17. Hold District Women’s Department meetings and Missionary Unit Meetings for those in her District,

  18. Provide the Office of the Supervisor with a schedule of unit meetings for women in the District,

  19. Missionary Unit meetings, and meetings for those on the District Missionary’s cabinet, faithful first of all to her local church, Report to the Jurisdictional Supervisor that which she executes and observes and report to the District Superintendent a full annual financial accounting and other duties as assigned by the District Missionary

Color—Navy Blue with Pink Corsage

Source: International Women's Department
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