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Mother Herminia Cole

Jurisdictional First Lady

Mother Herminia Cole

Some Duties of a Jurisdictional First Lady:



A Jurisdictional First Lady is the wife of the Jurisdictional Prelate. It is a position of authority that requires the First Lady to perform a host of duties. 


The most important duty of the Jurisdictional First Lady is supporting her husband, the Bishop of the Jurisdiction, as well as International duties of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. The support she provides includes intercessory prayer, travels, adhering to the Bishop's instructions, and openly agreeing with his decisions for the solidarity of the Jurisdiction. She encourages and exhorts the Bishop.  Along with supporting her husband, the Jurisdictional First Lady conducts herself with reverence in her behavior. She supports her Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women in all women's work within the Jurisdiction. 


The First Lady of the Jurisdiction is responsible for teaching the ladies all aspects of Christian living and conduct. This includes teaching classes in marriage, the conduct of single women, the spirituality of women in the church, and other areas of interest to females of congregations throughout the Jurisdiction. 


Another primary duty of the Jurisdictional First Lady is leading others by example. She acts according to God's Word and portrays this behavior in order for others to emulate. She challenges others to improve their own walk in Christ, as well as actively treating others with love and respect. 


The First Lady of the Jurisdiction offers counsel to all by instructing them in God's Word. Biblical counseling involves instructions through what the Bible states about behavior, conduct, and actions. Every First Lady seeks to know the word of God in order to properly counsel others when they seek her wisdom.

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